The rambles normally take place on a Sunday, every 3 or 4 weeks, throughout the year. Each excursion involves a coach journey to the start of the ramble where three rambles are offered to match most member’s abilities: 'C' Party covers a distance of about 6 miles, 'B' Party tend to do 9 or 10 miles and 'A' Party an average of 12 miles. (However the distances can vary slightly according to the time of year, the type of terrain likely to be encountered etc.) It is not necessary to make a choice of the ramble you wish to do until the day in question, when details of each ramble are circulated around the coach on the outward journey.

Each of the 3 ramble parties has a leader, who will normally have checked the route in advance. Suitable clothing, strong footwear, waterproofs are essential, a small first aid kit is recommended and you will also require a packed lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and most importantly drinks. Time is also often allowed at the end of a walk for refreshment if a cafe or pub is available, before embarking back home on the coach.

In addition to the Sunday rambles, the club organises occasional extended stay visits to enable members to enjoy rambles beyond the local countryside. These extended stay visits occur 1 or 2 times per year, depending on demand; they are open to all members and are at a basic cost price.

The club also provides a social calendar for the benefit of all members, including those that are no longer able to join the rambles. Evenings of talks, quizzes, short local walks and reviews of past rambles have proved very popular and much appreciated by all those that attend.

The club is over 110 years old and has a long history, a brief summary can be found here. The club has links to the Co-operative Holidays Association & Holiday Fellowship a brief history of their founder Thomas Arthur Leonard can be found here. And finally for those poets out there a selection of ramble related poems can be found here.