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The Walker's Prayer

Lord bless all walkers that we may live long and healthy lives, especially bless our leaders for they are all powerful and lead us through the wilderness.
Yea though they lead us down the valleys and over the hills, we shall feel no pain for our hearts, minds and muscles are numb.
Let them know their north from their south and their east from their west.
Let the sun shine so that we may have a faint idea in which direction we are heading.
Grant O Lord that they curb their tongues and not tell us that we have walked 7 miles when we know that we have walked 10.
Also let them know the difference between a gentle slope and a steep cliff.
Give them the ability to count, so that they know the number of walkers, so that none shall go astray.
Make them prevent the leaders from starting to walk the minute everyone has caught up.
Curse those walkers who overtake the leader, let their sticks break, their laces come undone and their flasks leak.
Curse also those who disappear into the woods without telling the back marker.
Grant, O Lord sunshine at all times, but not too hot, cooling breezes, but not strong winds, shade needed and incomparable views when we are resting.
Spare us from brambles, nettles and other obstructions.
Lead us not down the wrong paths.
Finally Lord let us arrive back at our cars safe and sound for we are children of the wilderness, the blind being led by the blind, and we are shattered.
Give us strength to turn up for the next walk, for we are of the tribe stupid and know no better.
We ask all this with tongue in cheek, ever conscious that many a true word is spoken in jest. 

Three Verses For Weary Walkers

 The café shuts its doors at close of day

The rambling club wind slowly o’er the lea

The waitress homeward plods her weary way

And fifty walkers go without their tea

The howling wind, the driving rain

The ploughed up path, the muddy lane

The blocked-up stile in the six foot wall

I love them, how I love them all

I must go out with the ‘C s’ again

For no matter how hard I try

‘A’ party walks me off my feet

And the ‘B s’ just pass me by


By Peter Lidgett with apologies to Thomas Gray, Emily Bronte and John Masefield

The Centenary Ode

Our celebrations were held in a golden Olympic year
It took a four year cycle for the planning as time drew near

It all started with a New Years day walk

We were up and rambling after all the talk 


In March we met at Fulford Church Hall
A barn dance was held and we all had a ball

A book was written to record and archive
This included members memories to keep them alive

We ambled to Lead church with the Dean for a talk and a prayer
To remember past times and those for whom we still care

John and Noel walked 100 miles for 100 years
Supported by friends and occasional beers

Sunday rambles revisited routes from the past
October saw us in period costumes cast

Our last event - a buffet for members past and present to inspire
A good time for all in the suite at the Knavesmire

The toast the York CHA & HF Rambling club today, tomorrow and past
With a wish for another 100 years of fun - long may it last

Noel Shouksmith